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a t  k a m a n ė  s t u d i o

artist portrait 2023.jpg


Stitching metal wire onto fused stratums of encaustic wax are key elements of my work. I correlate the action of working with these materials and their optics to the human psyche. All are layered, sometimes cloudy and held together as an effort to close up, heal or just keep it all together. All human beings have their own biological, psychological and sociological cocktail that makes them who they are, no matter how transparent or stitched together they may be.


I am an artist living and creating in the Columbia Gorge in Stevenson, Washington. After a 20+ year career as a graphic artist, five-years as an owner/operator of a coffeehouse and one breast cancer diagnosis, I went back to school to become an art therapist & counselor. After my BFA thesis, I chose to pause my Master's program for art therapy to explore who I was at that time as an artist. I've been exploring ever since.


My art practice is nurtured by the aggregate surroundings of the forest that envelope me. I recognize deciduous tree branches visually mimicking neural connections in the brain. I sense the cadence of precipitation as it impersonates heartbeats and other physiological vibrations that run through the human body. These types of experiences transform my compositions.

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